Sunday, July 1, 2012

an announcement

Yes. Hi. Welcome.
First things first:
His due date is November 5th.
So I am 22 weeks/5 months!
His name is Boden. 
And heres some things to get you all caught up!
-No, we were not trying.
-The first thing I said after I got a positive test: "No FUCKING way!"
-We got pregnant the week of our wedding.
-I am seeing a midwife. I like her but I miss my old doctor so much.
-I was 95% positive it was a girl. This pregnancy was almost identical to Alikah. How I felt, my symptoms and cravings & how I was carrying had me convinced it was a girl.
-We found out it was a BOY on June 21st, Harper's first birthday! He must have wished for a brother ;)
So this little guy is definitely a trickster. 
After we found out it was a boy I made Harper a onesie that says, "I turned ONE and all I got was a little brother."
Both of my parents reacted exactly how I thought they would. My mom was almost word-for-word.
My dad didnt get it at first and then said, "You're pregnant again?"
He also added: "You how far along? You waited this long to tell us?! Well, took longer than I expected. One of you needs to get fixed."
I got my mom & sisters reaction on video, so Ill post it her eventually :)
I told my sister in the Philippines to call me and once I said I was pregnant she said, "Sign on to Skype!"

Spencer wanted to tell his parents, so he was in charge of all that..

I still cant even believe Im pregnant! It was hard to keep it secret so long, especially at the very end when we found out it was a boy and I started showing more. I think know what everyone knows these last few months will fly by!

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