Monday, July 2, 2012

a first birthday party

Harper's party went great!
He was in Heaven. Swimming, smashing cake, eating, playing with the hose, tons of attention...
I wasnt sure how hed handle everyone because hes so shy, but he was lovin it!
He woke up before 7 this morning, waaay too early for him, especially after a day like that!
He honestly looked disappointed when I brought him downstairs and everyone was gone. Wait, where did everybody go!?

He got awesome presents and a BUNCH of clothes! I think we will be set for him AND Boden now.

Well be home later today for the night, un-pack and re-pack then head to the cabin!
As of right now I am just planning on doing a few photo posts when we get home. 
Have a fun 4th of July! 

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