about us

Alikah Lee (8 years)
Alikah without a doubt saved my life. I always say I needed her more than she needed me. She is amazing.

Harper (5 years) He is hilariously dramatic. He is a big sweetheart that lives life his way. He is Spencers twin - looks and personality wise. He is my favorite dinosaur in the world.

Boden/Bodhi (4) Is the happiest, sweetest little guy ever. Hes very shy and smart.
And he is obsessed with Thomas.

 wishlist.  (stuff we want/need /gift ideas)


  1. Your family is beautiful. I know you can't wait to bring your new little one home as well. xoxo

    Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my last post. It meant a lot and wanted you to know. xo

  2. oh my goodness, all your children are beautiful. but your daughter and her hair....gorgeous! that one is going to be a heart breaker. :)