Friday, September 23, 2011

Gym/Weight Update & Weekend

Thursday 9/15 - Ran 2.25 miles at 4.5-4.9 mph. Burned 223 calories.

Friday 9/16 - No one was there. I road the bike for 20 minutes and watched Dateline. I didnt write anything down. I like burning calories, so Im sticking to running.

Saturday 9/17 and Sunday 9/18 I didnt go.

Monday 9/19 - Ran 2.97 miles at 5.8 mph. Burned 308 calories.

Tuesday 9/20 - Ran 2.8 miles at 5.5 and 6 mph but took 3 or 4 walking breaks. I stomach felt really weird, I think I drank too much water without really eating anything. Burned 270 calories.

Wednesday 9/21 - Didnt go. We had to go to Men's Warehouse to get Spencer fitted for a tux for Jared's wedding. OH and not gym related at all but it was the SVU season premiere WITH OUT Elliot :( So depressing.

Thursday 9/22 - SOMEONE WAS ON MY TREADMILL. I drove right past the gym haha. (OCD is a bitch.) So I ran around the neighborhood we live next to. BUT remember when I said "Im making it a new goal to get to the point where I can run the whole way"? I ran the whole way! I was pretty proud, I kept wanting to stop but its almost like my body wouldnt let me.

Friday 9/23 - Ran 3.05 miles! Best yet so that makes me happy. I did 5.8 mph for a mile and a half, then a 2 minute break at 3.4 mph, then the rest at 6 mph. Burned 320 calories.

Anyways, when I first wrote August 5th I weighed 126. I ended up gaining weight after that and right now Im at 134/135. It pisses me off but also keeps me motivated so whatever.

Tomorrow were going to Spencer's work friend Chris's wedding. We're bringing Alikah because she lovvveeess weddings but Heather is going to watch Harper.

And then on Sunday its my mom's birthday so when we go to pick up Harper well be staying for her birthday lunch.

Should be a fun weekend!
He always tries to hold his own bottle. Such a big buddy.

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