Thursday, September 29, 2011


I need a whole entry about Alikah. She means the world to me and amazes me every day, I really need to update about her more often. Harper is growing and changing so much each day, but she is growing up so fast too.My baby is 2 years and 5 months old. THAT'S ALMOST TWO AND A HALF.
-She can count like crazy, but is starting to learn actual numbers. She can always point out "3" which just so happens to be my favorite number :)
-Has known the alphabet for awhile but now recognizes "k, o, l, and a"
-Full conversations all the time, our doctors office staff (and everyone else..) is amazed by her.
-Knows red means stop and green means go while driving.
-Can draw great circles and "faces" with eyes, mouths, nose, ears, hair. Some have no nose and some have no ears, but it still amazes me.

Kie-kie and Nunu
Helping with anything (Laundry/vacuum/cooking/Harper)
Puzzles and mazes
Her "brand new shoes"
Making "paths" with anything
Reading with Mommy and commenting on every page
Hiding under the covers
Singing and dancing
Magic wands
Cowboys and pirates
TV: Special Agent Oso, Dora, UmiZoomi and of course Spongebob
Food: Noodles, rice, candy/chocolate/treats, Spaghettio's with meatballs, Broccoli
Music: Matisyahu, Coldplay, Guns N RosesDoesn't Like:
Having her picture taken, usually
Being yelled at
Being woken up
Having her hair brushed
Music: County
Food: Everything else

Some of my Favorite Quotes/Moments from the Last Few Months:
6/18 - She got her baby doll and tried sitting her up on her bed but she kept falling back. She started reading her a book, and after every page shed hold the baby up and show her the pages then set her back down.

There was a baby boy at Maddies bridal shower and Alikah asks, "Is that my brother?"

7/11 - Alikah just woke up and came out and goes, "I sleep good. Ill be out in a little bit." And I was like, "Okay, what are you getting? She goes, "I need medicine." And I was like, "Aww uh oh why?" and she goes,
"I just need medicine. Because my owwie bleeding. And I need a kiss."

7/16 - I was in the bathroom getting ready and Harper was in his boppy on the floor. Alikah woke up and sat down right next to him then kissed him and said, "Hi Buddy"

7/21 - She keeps pushing her hair out of her face and saying, "Go away go away!"

7/23 - "HARRRPERRR..hes so cuteee!"

8/15 - Me: Why is crying? Can he talk to you?
Alikah: Mmhmm
Me: Whats he saying?
Alikah: He say....tarter sauce.
Alikah: And.....bad words.
Me: Hes saying bad words??!?
Alikah: Papa Katt tickle me all day!

8/22 - Spencer turned a movie off and she cried, I told her to be quiet because I was watching a show. Spencer put her to bed and I went in 15 minutes later to say goodnight and she said, "Hi mama...I was just crying before...because my feelings made me sad...but Im happy now"

8/31 - Alikah: I have a heart inside.
Me: Yep.
Alikah: Remember? I love you with alllll my heart.
Alikah: yes I do.

9/2 - Me: ughhhhh
Alikah: what?
Me: I cant make any cd's
Alikah: It's okay. You can make a-b-c-ds....

9/12 - I was putting on mascara in my bedroom and Harper was crying in his swing in the living room. Alikah was like "MAMA I HELP YOU!!" When I went to look and was standing by him feeding him.
He stopped crying and she goes "Now he all better. He stop crying."
And then she tried to show him a picture she drew and he started crying and she goes "Whoops I have to feed him!!"

This girl means the world to me. I still cant believe she is mine. Sometimes I think that I need her more than she needs me.
I got this from Casey and its perfect.
"You are an eternally optimistic piece of my heart walking around on the outside of my body. To remind me that even on my worst days, I have something to live for."

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