Wednesday, September 21, 2011

update thats not only pictures.

-Got our new 42' flat screen TV. (A month ago.)
-Went to Kylee's 1st birthday party.
-Ordered my wedding dress and signed the contract for our reception site.
-We went Up North for Labor Day with my dad and Luke.-Went to Chili's the Sunday we got home with my mom, Heather and Joey.
-Weve been to two new parks.
-I got a gym membership. (Updated post on that later.)
-Took a walk down the New Berlin Recreational Trail.
-Went to the zoo with Amber. Alikah absolutely loved it. Animals, cheese fries, carousel and especially the train.-We've been hanging out with Spencer's friend Brandon from work and his wife Julie. We've gone to their house a couple times and Monday they came over here to watch the Roast of Charlie Sheen.
-Harpers been getting happier.
-Alikahs been getting sassier.
-Spencer and I are not fighting.

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