Monday, May 13, 2013

Bodhi - seven months

Weight: 19 lbs 11.5 oz - 85th percentile
Length: 2 ft 4.25 inches - 85th percentile
Size 9-12 month clothes
Size 3/4 diapers

Eats: 6-8 ounce bottles. He was eating one container of baby food a day for supper, but I am going to do 2 from now on. So far hes liked sweet potatoes (favorite), banana, and apple. He does not want anything to do with baby cheetos.
Sleep: He has one or 2 short naps in the morning and then a long nap around 3.
We just started sleep training and we are going to do it the same way we did Harper...he is going to sleep in the play room until he sleeps through the night. I put him in the pack-n-play around 8 and he falls asleep pretty quick. Its nice to do it this way because then from 8-whenever I go to bed if he does fuss a little hes right in the next room so hes close. And then during the night I can get some sleep upstairs....he started stomping in his sleep and it woke me up every.single.time and after a few nights of that I was like alright this is not going to work!
Im going to have to start getting creative with the blocks because now all he wants to do is play with them! Its tricky to get a picture before he smacks them away haha

-LOVES his exersaucer. He can move and jump and rock in it now.
-He loves playing on the floor and scooting all over the place, Alikah and Harper, "Wheres the baby?!", tickles, baths, eating, blankies, nunu, being sung too, going for walks, umbrella stollers...
-He drolls a lot and loves spitting.
-Stills rubs my face and tries to get my glasses. He plays with my earrings now too.

5/2/13 - First time in the big bathtub. Took one with Harper and sat in the baby seat!
5/9/13 - First night in the playroom.
He was very sleepy at his appointment this morning. Doctor said he couldnt look more perfect. Obviously :)

Heather (my sister) asked us to stay over all Mother's Day weekend, so we did. On Saturday morning I woke up to people laughing and talking. I thought I was dreaming for awhile. I shook Spencer awake and asked him what time it was. It was 6 AM so I was like what the fuck is going on?? and went upstairs to see.

I walked up and Gina (my other sister that lives in the Philippines) was there!! She had came and surprised our mom for Mother's Day!! Only Heather and a few other people knew, it was pulled off perfectly! Ill have to write about the rest of the day in another post....
See you in October! Love you <3

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