Saturday, January 28, 2012

seven months

-30 inches long, 18 pounds even.
-Size 9-12 month clothes, definitely mostly 12!
-Size 3 diapers are almost too small.

Your doctors appointment went great! You are developing and learning perfectly. You were a trouper for shots and like we know, you are SUPER strong! Our new doctor recommended us going for it and training you to sleep through the night. He said you will not starve to death haha. Its just so hard to do because of your death scream. Also right now we only go in to find your bottle for you or fill it up, and you wake up SOAKED (clothes, sheets, everything) every single morning. We tried a mattress pad too, but you move around so much it doesnt even matter. But oh well. Just more wash :) Maybe well try extra-protection diapers at night. He gave us a lot of good tips though.

Food: Sweet potatoes, bananas, any mix of fruit, LOVES mashed potatoes, yogurt, squash, ice cream...hates any meat (turkey, chicken) baby foods. Baby yogurt melts, puffs and cheetos. Tried water.

You Like: FOOD. Alikah. Dada. (You really do favor dada over me most of the time. Meanie.) Trying so hard to crawl. Stabler. Toy links, bath toys as teethers, cars, snow, sleeping on your stomach and side, smiling, tickles, when Mama acts insane by dancing, exercises or making up crazy sounds to say to you.

You can "say" mamama and dadaha and hi.

1/7/12 - Sat up by yourself for awhile. You can for longer periods of time now, but you still just really prefer to be on the ground moving around!

1/20/12 - Started to crawl!! Mostly army crawls because he slides on our floors. Up on all fours rocking all the time, you get upset when your legs slide out from under you. Its a lot easier for you to do at Grandpa and Grandmas on the carpet.

1/22/12 - Both top teeth came through! (The night before was hell to say the least ;)

1/24/12 - Tried water for the first time. You werent sure about it.

I will add more if I think of it! I did bad this month with writing things down unfortunately. Busy busy busy.

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