Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May Photo-a-Day Challenge Days 1-8

Day 1: Newborn

Day 2: Fun in the Sun
Wasnt THAT hot out that day. We went for a walk.

Day 3: Outfit of the Day
We live in pajamas and sweats.

Day 4: Funny Face
Bodhi has discovered and loves spitting.

Day 5: Black and White
I didnt have my camera this day (Thats a real fun story....not...Ill probably write about it) so these are old. 

Day 6: Favorite Photo
I have SO many but these are some of the first ones that pop into my head.

Day 7: Favorite Color
Didnt do...they dont have favorite colors yet.

Day 8: Favorite Toy
Bodhi: Exersaucer. 
Alikah: As you can see from looking at her room...Barbies and coloring. Her room looks like this
Harper: Cooking!

I am doing this challenge on tumblr but have decided to post it here too. I (obviously) take a lot of pictures but I was slacking off...this helps me to make sure I take at least one photo a day!
(I use tumblr for quick text and picture posts. I use this blog for longer, more personal and important updates.)

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  1. Bodhi is an exact replica of Spencer, well and i guess Harper too lol. you should do a comparison of you and Alikah and the handsome men against Spencer.