Saturday, December 1, 2012

body work

The picture on the left was taken - literally- the week that I got pregnant, and a day after we got married. The one on the right was 2 weeks after Bodhi was born. 
This one is from yesterday.
 And I didnt lose too much muscle in my arms. 
My plan is to box and do cardio at least 3 times a week sometime before Spencer goes to work (or on weekends) 
I wish I could say Id do ab work everyday but I wont. 
I do other small exercises randomly through out the day everyday just by habit. (Stretches, leg lifts, push ups, donkey kicks, etc while watching TV or waiting for food to cook lol.)
Before we moved I would run at the gym (cant run outside with my asthma) and Im disappointed that I wont be able to do that anymore, I really liked watching how much better I got! 
I am at my pre-pregnancy weight but my goal is 110-115 and to tone up. Im not setting a date or anything, thats just where I want to be at. 
I might update this with measurements when I find my measuring tape. 
Sooo here we go :) 


  1. You look insane! You look awesome for any woman... let alone one that just gave birth!!!!!

  2. seriously..... youre all ripped n look amazing!