Monday, December 10, 2012


snow mountain on the right 

climbing the mountain, she was sliding down it :)

Harper wasnt a fan.

he sure is cute though! 

the new centerpiece decorations...ornaments and fake snow :) 

In other news.....Bodhi has bronchiolitis. He had been having these coughing fits and they scared me, especially at night. It sounded like he was choking almost and I would have to lay him on my chest for him to fall back asleep. So Spencer took him to the doctor on Friday. They gave him some steroids and said to come back if it didnt go away by the next day.
Well, It didnt go away and just got worse, so he took him back in today and they did some x-rays on him.
He'll be on medicine for 5 days and hopefully it will go away. He has his 2 month appointment next week Tuesday, but if we think hes getting any worse they said to bring him back immediately, they dont want it to turn into pneumonia or something worse.
I guess its common especially for preemies. I feel so bad for him, his little lungs just wont give him a break.

I wish I could just cuddle him all day. Buuuut I have 2 other kids and a pile of dishes haha ughhh. 
Babies shouldnt be allowed to get sick :( 

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