Wednesday, November 14, 2012

in the last day/week..

My cousins girlfriend died.
I hate death. Its really hard on me.

Someone punched Alikah at school today and now she "never wants to go back."
And I believe to her, so were going to call her school and take her out and possibly get her into a different one.

I got a concussion.
I took vicodin which was stupid because I know my body doesn't tolerate those kinds of drugs and I was throwing up and sick for 2 days.

Also....When you are crying and your 3.5 year old goes, "Its okay Mom! Life is just hard sometimes!"

I just need something good to happen.
Actually I take that back. I know good things are happening, I just need to get out of my funk and see them.

BUT Bodhi is a MONTH old now, and I will be doing his update soon :)

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