Wednesday, November 14, 2012

one month

Bodhi is synonymous with nirvana: being free of hate, pain and worry. We will do all we can to keep it that way for you, little buddy. You are a fighter and we love you so much Bodhi-butt! Happy ONE month :)
Weight: (I will do add this asap)
Size 1 diapers
Size newborn clothes, but he usually wears 0-3 months.

Likes: Sleeping. Daddy's voice. Baths. Nunu. When we wrap him its usually with his arms out because he likes to have them up by his head.
Dislikes: Farting. Getting his diaper changed.
Sleeping: Sleeps most of the day downstairs in the swing. In bed with us at night. He was so upset and gassy the other night, could not sleep at all. After a few hours I put him on his stomach and it helped instantly. He fell asleep and stayed asleep.
Eating: Still 2-3 ounces usually, every 1-3 hours.
He doesnt like burping but he is getting gassy and upset. If you rub his back after eating he will get out some huuugge burps and then calm down. He gets tummy rubs, too. I think we will end up using karo syrup like we did with Alikah.

Alikah and Harper both love him. Harpers just amazed & hates when he cries, and Alikah wants to hold him *without* a pillow now and try to carry him.

Harper eyed Bodhi's bottle for awhile one day and then tried it. He gagged and almost threw up. Hasnt tried again since! ;)

10/24 - First Dr. appointment. He put some stuff on his cord stumb because it still hadnt fallen off and Bodhi HATED it. The doctor said hed try again at the next appointment but that his cord was crazy thick! And then...
10/27 - Umbilical stump fell out
10/30 - Dr appt. 7 lb 5 oz
10/31 - First *real* bath
11/3 - LOTS of smiles. Especially for Spencers voice :)

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