Tuesday, October 9, 2012

now we wait

*Court went okay on Friday. I will say this: I (for the most part) "got what I wanted" without doing anything. People, if you are mean and thrive off of drama its going to come back around. This whole ordeal that started with his parents taking me to court, is ending with me being out of the picture and him and his parents going to trial. Kind of back-fired on them.

*Saturday Spencer and I had a really nice time. Alikah was at nonna's and once we got back to our house we just sat around doing nothing with Harper. We went up to bed early and just laid there talking for awhile, which we almost never get to do. I wanted him to give me a back massage.....Do you know how hard that is when you are 9 months pregnant? Obviously cant lay on you stomach like I normally would, laying sideways doesnt work, and sitting up is so uncomfortable. Anyway, about a minute in he was reaching for massage oil and knocked over my full cup of water. All over the floor, my books, the bed. MY side of the bed :( It was a bad idea haha.

*Sunday we went for a walk and took some maternity pictures. I dont like any of just me. Spencer did a really good job, I just dont like how I look at all. You can tell how uncomfortable I am. We took a couple of both of us right before we left and they turned out to be the only ones I was happy with. But thats okay because we needed some new ones! (And Spencer looks really hott.) 

*Alikah is still in love with school and tomorrow they are taking a little field trip to the fire station! Seriously, what a perfect 1st field trip for a girl that sometimes says she wants to be a fire fighter when she grows up. Im so excited for her! (and kind of jealous that I wont be there to see it.)

*Lastly: I had an appointment this morning. I told her I felt like *something* was happening and asked her to check me. 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced! Ya! His heart-rate has slowed down and she said hes definitely getting ready to come. 

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