Wednesday, September 5, 2012

to learn, to grow, to love

so awkward haha

I have court early Thursday morning. Im not sure what to expect anymore...mediation with M's parents went okay and court was going to just be the judge putting it on paper, but surprise surprise M found out and decided to cause more problems. 
When I found out, it was weird, I felt so incredibly calm. I just have this overwhelming feeling that everything is going to work out. Ive barely thought about it since. 
He has our address now, for the first time in years, which upsets me. But I cant do anything about it now. 

My cousin Stefanie is getting married on Saturday! Alikah is her flower girl. 
So, once court is out of the way the weekend will be filled with wedding happiness!!
I brought Alikah's dress out the other day and now she keeps asking when were going to the wedding and when she can dance. 
Theres a nail on the wall in our living room that isnt holding anything - its just there. The other day when I was in the shower Alikah used her stool and got the dress down from where I had it hanging in the kitchen and hung it on the nail in the living room. Its right above *her* chair. I thought it was really adorable...

I want to get an update in about the kids soon. 
Maybe life in general as well. I have been searching deep to change some things about myself. 
And based on comments I have gotten, some people have already noticed...

Also this pregnancy is so weird. Like, how the fuck am I going to have another baby in a few weeks already? Im still in shock that Im even pregnant. Still. Guess thats not going away. 
Oh, Boden. What are your plans for us? I cannot wait to find out. I love you buddy. 

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  1. idk if this is going to end up being a double comment because i'm not sure if it worked the first time...but you should submit that picture to awkward family photos because i just laughed so hard when i saw it! hope all is well with you, and good luck with baby boden when he comes! can't wait to see pictures of your third beautiful child.