Thursday, September 13, 2012



Wedding -
I couldnt stop smiling at my cousin Stefanies wedding! I love weddings. Everyone is just so happy. Jake had the biggest smile on his face when Stef was walking down the aisle with her dad.
Alikah was so excited to be a flower girl and she did great! I told her daddy would be sitting in back with Harper, Id be up near the front, and suggested to just "smile and wave." And thats exactly what she did! Haha. During the ceremony she stood in the center, right in between Stef and Jake. Im pretty sure that wasnt her designated *spot* but it was still pretty adorable.
After a few formal pictures we stopped at a gas station for a M&M reward. She chowed them and promptly passed out for a half hour.
We met up with my family at the hotel my grandparents were staying at. Ate some snacks, drank some beer and wine, relaxed, and the kids swam. It was the perfect way to pass the time between ceremony + reception.
The reception was gorgeous and the food was amazing. Alikah ate, like, quadruple what she normally would.  
She was excited for dancing the entire week leading up to the wedding....she danced her little heart out during the slideshow and dinner and was completely worn out by the time the dancing actually started.
Spencer took Harper for a stroller walk in an attempt to get him to nap, but it failed. So we ended up leaving at 8:45 with two very sleepy kids.

Court -
Simple answer: It got rescheduled. I go back in October and M will be there on the phone so he can "explain why he objects."

Preschool -
We had a tour of the preschool up the road this morning. Alikah loved it! She did not want to leave.
So now we just have to decide on what days & times she goes.
Im pretty sure we are going to start with 2 half-days a week.
Thats all Im willing to give her up for :)

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