Tuesday, September 4, 2012

31 weeks

How far along?: 31 weeks
Total weight gain: Around 12 pounds
How Big Is Baby?: 3 pounds! 16 inches
Movement: Lots, and I feel pressure more and more now.
Sleep: 100/150mg sleep aide. I pee at least 4 times in the hour or so that it takes me to fall asleep. Weird & vivid dreams. But once I finally get comfortable and fall asleep, I do sleep pretty well.
Maternity Clothes: Its been hot, so at home Im usually just in underwear. The shirt I am wearing in this picture is a mens Calvin Klein shirt that I got on black Friday a few years ago. I have it in white too. Some days I am convinced they are the most comfortable shirts in the world. 
Symptoms: Heart burn, hot flashes and sweating*, weird skin**, gross bathroom trips, random back ache, nesting.
Food cravings/aversions: I have NO appetite. Nothing sounds good. I crave water, lemon water and orange juice. Its not unusual for me to completely forget to eat until 1PM, then my blood sugar plummets and I start shaking and realize I need to go eat!
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks daily.
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach. Being comfy in general.
What I am looking forward to: NEXT MONTH! I am confident well have a new baby in October :)
Other: Last midwife appointment: Heart rate was 156, uterus measuring 28 weeks (which is normal for me)
Our glucose testing conversation:
Her: Did you get to do the 3 hour test yet?
Me: No
Her: Do you know when youre going to?
Me: No
Her: Okay. Just try and do it as soon as you can..
Me: Yeah.
My next appointment with her is the 11th and I know I wont have done it by then. Ill probably end up calling to schedule it next week...or the week after....or in three weeks....well see...

*I walk around going, "Omg it is so hot in here. Can you turn the air on? Its so hot. Omg arent you hot!!?" and Spencers just laughs and says I am so pregnant.

**My skin is itchy and drives me even more crazy than usual. In the last week I have stated that I, a) have ringworm, b) have skin cancer, c) need acne body wash. Again, Spencer just laughs and says I am insane. Also skin related: Im getting cellulite on my legs. Spencer says Im not, and when I squeeze them to show him he says that doesnt count. (yes it does.) 

Me: Alikah, why does Harper scream like that? Can you understand baby?
Alikah: Uhhh, no. Maybe you should ask Boden!
She talks to him a lot too and asks him when hes coming out :) 

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