Wednesday, August 22, 2012

29 weeks

How far along?: 29 weeks
Total weight gain: Im gonna bump this up to 12 pounds now but I am not really sure. It changes. 
How Big Is Baby?: 2.5 pounds, 15 inches
Movement: Seems like he has a cycle now! Hardly any moving/sleepy baby, then he goes crazy for a whole day, then regular movements, then sleepy, then crazy, then regular, etc etc... I also feel like he is usually very HIGH & in my ribs. 
Sleep: Eh. So hard to get comfortable!! One side will make me feel like I constantly have to pee, the other will give me heartburn, cant lay on back or stomach (obvs.) Trying to take 100mg, end up going with 150 most of the time. 
Maternity Clothes: YA! Went to the mall with my mom, Heather, Luke & the kids yesterday and got some! I got two pairs of leggings, a tank top, and 3 or 4 half/quarter sleeve shirts. Also some undies. Whenever I get further into my pregnancies the only kind of undies I want to wear are cotton boy shorts.
Symptoms: Uncomfortable, heartburn, back aches. 
Food cravings/aversions: Ive had a few days where the only thing I wanted to eat was greek yogurt + granola. Also oreos. 
Labor Signs: Nope..
Belly Button in or out? Its out like always.
What I miss: Meds, Im getting uncomfy with my weight gain, sleeping on my stomach.. [Same as 27 weeks]
What I am looking forward to: I just want to meet him! 
Other: Next appointment is the 28th. I had to reschedule it twice because of court and Spencer switching to 2nd shift this week. I have not called to schedule a 3 hour glucose test. 

I feel like Ive started showing a lot more recently. Looking back at 15 week pictures was kind of shocking! I wont be doing that again lol. 


  1. Cutest bump ever! You look FANTASTIC! You should be a maternity model!

    1. Aw thanks! But believe me, I only post the "good" ones haha ;)