Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This morning I woke up to, "Lindsay come here! Right now!"
I hurry out of our bedroom to find Spencer sitting on the floor in the hallway with Harper in his lap, crying.
Hes holding a bloody t-shirt on Harper's forehead.
"Do I need to take him in?"

I put on a butterfly band-aid and we decided to bring him just in case. 
I really didnt think he needed stitches, but since I didnt see it happen I wasnt sure how hard he hit his head and was worried about a concussion or something. 
He came home with 4 stitches. But he is a tough little buddy and totally back to normal. 

I'm so thankful that Spencer just started 2nd shift and was home. Otherwise I would have had to pack them up and walk to the doctor instead of just having Spencer get him in the truck and go. Plus, I am glad I didnt see it happen. Im not great with these things and usually just scream for someone else. 

Watching him walk is nerve racking right now.
I have to stop myself from gasping every time he wobbles.

Harp also just popped out two back teeth, one on top and one on bottom and we think more are coming.
SO he is not happy lately. Im looking forward to him feeling better soon!

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