Monday, August 27, 2012

Alikah says

Harper was playing with a doll
Alikah: Harper, stop, you're gonna hurt her heart!

Alikah: Do you have a pool too?
Neighbor kid: We did, but someone stole it.
Alikah: Oh. Thats too bad. Maybe they will bring it back!
Neighbor kid: *Laughs* Yeah, thatd be nice. But robbers dont do that.

Spencer: Hey nice shoes!
Alikah: Thanks, but they are sandals.

Alikah: Dad, what do you want to be when you grow up?
Spencer: A dinosaur.
Alikah: Dadddd you cant! Thats too big you'd wreck our house!
Spencer: No Ill just stay outside.
Alikah: Oh, thatd be fun, but then youd wreck all the other houses. You will eat them and then we'd have to build a new house and we'd have to paint it!

Alikah: This hair smells funny. It smells like spray.

Me: I cant chase you, the baby might fall out.
Alikah: Oh....
Alikah: ....Thats good though!

During a conversation about "private parts" 
Alikah: Yeah. The police officer told me that!
Me: Huh? What police officer?
Alikah: The police officer on the jail show you always watch.
Thanks Detective Stabler!

Alikah: Andd when Mama yells at me I go draw her a picture of a happy face or a rainbow so she can smileee

Me: Do I look OK?
Alikah: Well. Your earrings are pretty. Your ears are working, your eyes are blinking, your mouth is talking, and you have lots of songs in your head...

Reading a book...she was saying the sounds things make...
Alikah: Slow slow...Ooo oo aa aa! Tweet tweet! VRRROOOMMM!
("Slow slow" was a turtle hahaha)

Alikah: Good night Daddy love you!
Alikah: ....pull your pants up!
(I always tell him that when his shorts are halfway down his butt)

Me: Great, now our house smells like Harper poop and Spencer farts.
Alikah: and pee!
Alikah: and boogers!

Alikah: Yaaa HARPER cheer for HARPER you're the greatest baby EVER! I LOVE YOU yaa HARPER!! Youre my favorite baby of alllllllllllllll!

Me: Do you have music to sleep at nonnas?
Alikah: No
Me: You sleep without it? Thats good!
Alikah: Yeah. But I sing a song to myself.
Me: Awww!! You do? Thats so sweet
Alikah: Uh huh. I sing twinkle twinkle and rock a bye baby

Me: Thank you God.
Alikah: God in the sky?

Me, to Spencer: He is such a psycho.
Alikah: What?
Me: Nothing.
Alikah: I heard you say something about a motorcycle!

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