Thursday, March 1, 2012

new "a day"

A DAY before Harper was born I did an A Day entry. I am finally getting around to a new one. Again, we really dont have a schedule. Maybe we will get one now, but especially before with all the wedding planning, we were back in Waukesha for the day/weekend so often it was impossible. And it changes a lot depending on if Spencer is home or not.

7:30 AM- Harper (usually) wakes up between 7-8. I change him and bring him downstairs. Make coffee and feed him breakfast. Sometimes he does good but sometimes Stablers sitting right next to his highchair so he just wants to talk to him the whole time.
8:30 AM - Alikah wakes up at 8:30 or 9. She comes down and watches TV. Harper usually has his first nap around 9. While he sleeps I usually do stuff online while Alikah wakes up, etc. *Alikah eats whenever she asks. We dont give her food unless she tells us shes hungry because otherwise she takes one bite then it gets thrown away. Today she wanted a PopTart right away, but other days she wont eat til lunch time.
10:30 AM - Harpers most likely awake. They play together in the playroom. I clean or put away laundry...lately Ive been working on Thank Yous but Im almost done with those.
Noon - Lunch. Alikahs most common: Noodles. Hot dogs. Chicken Nuggets. If Spencer is home this is when we'd go the library or laundromat, etc.
2:30 PM - Nap time. I try to get both of them down for this nap at the same time. I put Harper down and then read to Alikah and she naps.
3:00 PM - While they sleep I do whatever I want (Nothing) or need to do (Clean, Shower). If its Tuesday I watch SVU of course.
3:30 PM - Harper wakes up.
4:30/5 PM - Alikah wakes up. If Spencers home, this is when we would go to the grocery store.
6:00 PM - Harper takes a short nap.
7:00 PM - If Spencer is working, he comes home around 7 and gets Harper up. We usually eat dinner around 7. I do dishes.
8:30 PM - We just started putting Harper to bed a little later. If he makes it until 8:30, thats great!
9:30/10:00 PM - I read to Alikah and put her to bed. She stays awake for at least an hour in her room.
Once the kids are in bed Spencer and I just relax and hang out. Sometimes I take a bath. We go to bed anytime from 11-1 AM.

*All the times that arent mentioned are different everyday. Playing, coloring, Barbies, playing outside, walks. Once it is nicer, we will be able to walk to the library or parks.

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