Wednesday, February 29, 2012

you dont have to read this

Hola. I have started my wedding post. As of right now I think I am going to wait until I get our professional pictures to post it. But we shall see.
Anyways. This may get long. Warning you.

Harper is "real" crawling now. He has transitioned from an army crawl/inch worm to a full on crawl. And he is pulling himself up to his knees everywhere. He also rolled off the changing table the other day. It was scary and I dont want to talk about it anymore so.
Hey Guys

Friday Spencer's parents stopped over for a bit and gave us some cute clothes for Harper. They couldnt stay long though because we had to meet Mark in West Bend to drop Alikah off. Ive said this before but our plan is still to let them see her for one weekend a month. Eventually every 2 months. Then we will be getting a lawyer to get full custody, so Marshall will not be able to see her once he gets out of jail.
Alikah's newest "Person." They get teeth and legs now. And her signature.

When went into West Bend early on Sunday because we had some shopping to do at Wal-Mart and wanted to go to Pier1 Imports. You guys. I had never been to Pier1. You guys. I am obsessed with it. I spent $80 on reed diffusers, scented gel beads, bath salts, a coffee cup, the cutest fucking elephant salt and pepper shakers, wine glasses and a martini glasses that I am IN LOVE with, a table cloth...I think thats all...maybe not...but almost everything I got was on clearance too but yeah I am now obsessed. Spencer made me go and now he is going to regret it haha.

Tuesday morning Alikah woke up crying. She said she had a bad dream about "Kids being mean to me." It was really sad. I did not like it at all :( Also her bed was soaked. She has been doing great at getting up and peeing at night, but she does still wear a pull-up just in case. But she peed way out of her pull-up. I dont know if it was from the dream or not but I think so.

Tuesday I also rearranged the playroom. I had to take everything out to clean the floor so I just put it all back in different. Still dont love it but its better. Once Harper is back in his bedroom and we dont have the Pack N Play in there, it will be much better.


  1. Your narration in this post made me laugh out loud. I also went to pier 1 for the first time last weekend and I am too overwhemed with all the awesome stuff they have. Lastly, I saw bill and Luke tonight. That is all, love ya

  2. Omg I am going to be obsessed with that place now! My dad was telling me he saw "one of my friends" at BW3 and I was like "Who?" and then Luke was like "AMBER DAD!!" haha it was cute. Love you too