Monday, March 5, 2012

hand me downs

Yesterday we drove to a trail and took a couple pictures of me in my wedding dress. I really wanted snow pictures haha. Alikah played and Harper slept most of the time. We kind of had to hurry because I have Heather's camera but no charger and it was saying low battery. But right now it says no battery, but is still taking pictures, so who knows.
Tomorrow were all going to Waukesha. Spencer works at the hospital and me and the kids are going to my parents. At 1:30 my mom, Heather and I are going to my Grandma's old house. To go through everything.

Well tag everything we want to keep, then the rest is going to Goodwill. I think Im going to cry. But Im trying to look on the bright side - we do still need a lot of stuff for our house, and we dont have the money for it right now. Her house looks like it was barely lived in since she spent most of her time in Florida. We need couches, a bunch of tables (mainly end tables/storage), patio furniture. If she has any photo albums I want them all. Lamps. Decorations. She had a bunch of dolls. Maybe Alikah would like some. I dont know.

Then on Friday we will have to get a U-Haul to pack and bring everything up here. One of Spencers friends or my dad will help us.I need to figure out what we are doing for Alikah's 3rd birthday! I want to see if we can go to the Dells again because I know she loves that.

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