Wednesday, November 9, 2011

-We need to give the Jeep back soon for plowing season.
-Get rid of the Mazda, and find a new car.
-We may need to pay for a new door.
-We need to move by the end of December.
-My gym payments got fucked somehow so they shut off my key and I cant get in for now.
-The holidays are coming up.
-Were 3 months away from the wedding.
-Spencer just lost his job.

+Its nice having him around everyday. We have all this extra time to spend together, and he has a lot more time with the kids.
+My mom brought up that maybe we could move into my Grandma's house for a little while while things calm down.
+We have been talking about moving farther away. An hour or 2 maybe.
+We were only looking for houses in/around New Berlin to stay close to his job...but now we dont have to. And we both kind of just want to leave.

Im so sick of everything.
I feel like Im trying hard to not just say fuck it all lately.