Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Food.

The past week:
Obviously Monday was fucking bullshit. Work wise, for now, Spencer is working at the hospital valeting every Tuesday and Thursday. And today he is working an event until around 1 AM.

Tuesday (the 8th) Harper had baby food - sweet potatoes - for the first time and he absolutely loved it. He chowed the whole jar and was sad when it was gone. I cant feel it to him fast enough either, I have to prop him up on my knees and hold down his arms because otherwise he tries to grab the spoon or jar constantly haha.
Hes eaten a jar once a day since for either lunch or dinner.
He also had bananas and ate all of those too!
I have a feeling he wont be to picky :)

I didnt write it down but I THINK Alikah started going pee on her potty on the 8th or 9th. The one bad thing about this is that Alikah is a scratcher - meaning she scratches the hell out of her back. Usually to solve this problem she wears a onesie everyday, but right now shes just wearing normal shirts with no pants so its easiest for her to go. Sooo her back is all scratched up again. But it'll pass.

We went to my parents and got our DJ booked for the wedding. I also have the invitations all ready to be ordered now so next time we go over we'll do that :)

Last week my gym sent me an email saying we owed them money even though they were supposed to be automatically taking it out of Spencer's account. They turned my key off so I couldnt get in. Thursday Spencer went and got it turned back on and actually talked to the owner and got all the late fees dropped so he ended up not having to pay as much. Anyway- Today I at 12:30 for an hour (Ran 5.36 miles, burned 538 calories) I am happy to be back.

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