Sunday, October 2, 2011


Saturday Alikah got picked up at 9:30 and I went back to sleep from 10 to almost 2!! I had super weird dreams so it wasnt the most energizing sleep but it was still great.

Spencer was gone with Harper so I went to the gym to run for an hour.
My dumbass accidently pushed the emergency stop lever while changing the TV station so I dont have exact numbers for the day...but I was waiting for the 25 minute mark to start a sprint so I think I was around 23 minutes when I pushed it.
I restarted it for 45 more minutes and at the end I came up with 4.98 miles, so Im giving myself the benefit of the doubt and saying 5 miles :) And around 465 calories. I had to stop and stretch? (bend? you cant stretch your knees right?) my knees twice during this hour which was frustrating so I took a bath when I got home hoping it would help. I put too many bubbles in.

Yesterday Spencer had Harper laughing. He was changing his diaper and I was in he kitchen and he was like "Hurry come here come here!!" and OH MY GOD it was the cutest freaking thing ever!! Ahhh.

Today Spencer and Harper were gone all morning again so I had lots of alone time this weekend! They got home around 4 and then we got ready and went to the park to take some pictures. We wanted some new pictures of us and some of us with Harper but he was but passed out in his stroller like 2 minutes in and we were not about to wake him up so we'll do those pictures a different day. To be honest we took about 80 pictures and I like....5. I hate how I look right now. But Ill post the ones I do like in an entry tomorrow hopefully.

Alikah came home at 7:30 and she was TIRED (no nap). But she insisted on watching "one more movie" until 9:30 which is her usual bedtime. Spencer came with us for reading time tonight and she had us both in tears from laughing so hard. Right when he laid down she looked at me and was like, "Dadas sleeping in my bed. WHAT are you DOING Dada?" and then on a book page that had a picture of money she goes, "Remember...I watch Spongebob on TV and Mr.Krabs likes MONEY!!!" Im sooo happy shes home.

Every night I say, "Goodnight, I love you, you mean everything to me." Usually she doesnt want me to leave but says, "Night, love you, I mean everything to you."
Today after she said that she goes....."Now leave me alone," and rolled over!! I went in an hour later and she hadnt moved an inch haha, she passed out immediately. I have a feeling shell be sleeping in tomorrow. Too bad Harper wont! :)

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