Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Update

I didnt go on Monday and I didnt write down the mphs.

Tuesday 9/27 - Ran 3.07 miles, burned 313 calories.

Wednesday 9/28 - Ran 3.07 miles, burned 318 calories.

Thursday 9/29 - Went grocery shopping & ordered the chinese we had wanted all week. Picked up another 300 pictures from Walgreens too. No gym.

Friday 9/30 - Ran 4.8 miles, burned 475 calories. It was great! I was the only one there and I stayed for an hour. I jogged at 4.5 for most of the time but I did two 5 minutes sprints and two 10 minute runs.
I put the TV on instead of my iPod and watched Up All Night and Whitney. I started watching Dateline and thought about staying longer but I knew Spencer would get worried. Aaand I was right haha, I came home and sat down, turned on Dateline, and Spencer and the kids walked in 3 minutes later and he said when they got home (from his parents) and I wasnt home he just pulled right back out and drove to the gym. Love him.

Anyways...heres some random shit.

Up All Night and Whitney are both hilarious. I was laughing out loud while I was running.

Harper was up almost all day. I am praying he sleeps good tonight. Ah.

Spencer and Harper are leaving tomorrow morning at 6:30AM. Harpers going to his moms and Spencers going to help his dad take trees or something to the dump.
Then Alikah's getting picked up at 9:30 to go to Nonna's....
So Ill have most of the day to myself! Planning on scrap booking, going to the gym and taking a long bath. Ahhh yes.

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