Sunday, October 9, 2011

Grief & Engagement Photos

After losing my Grandma to her 10 year battle with cancer on Wednesday, life has been somewhat crazy. Spencer stayed home from work Thursday to watch the kids while I went to the funeral home with my mom, grandpa, brother, sister and aunt. After that we went to visit the cemetery where her parents are buried and also my mom's brother, then went out for lunch at my Grandma's favorite restaurant, Andrea's.

Um. The hardest thing for me, by far, was not seeing her before she died. Its still bothering me. I cant think about it without crying. Anyone that knows me knows how bad I am with phones, I never even think about them. I missed a couple calls from my mom while my grandma was still alive. Once I finally checked our phone and answered, she had died. I didn't get to see her that "one last time."

All us girls took some of her jewelry for remembrance, and Bob wants us to make a day out of to go through her clothes, shoes, etc. I got one cross necklace I love. I haven't taken it off.

Today we met Heather and her boyfriend at the lake front to take some engagement pictures of Spencer and I. Alikah fed ducks, played in the sand and even got her suit on and played in the cold lake. These are my two favorites. You can see the cross necklace in the 2nd one, too. We got home around 4, ate some Great Wraps (which is a new Sunday thing), Spencer and the kids napped while I edited photos.

I dont know. Life definitely got thrown off course the last week. The gym definitely went way on the back burner, but Im hoping that maybe the start of a new week will help things fall back into place. My mom is a wreck too. I have talked to her on the phone more than 2 times daily. Yeah. Its going to take some time, but that is expected.

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