Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Update.

Monday October 3rd - Ran 5.28 miles, burned 507 calories.
Tuesday October 4th - Ran 5.63 miles, burned 610 calories.
Wednesday October 5th - My grandma died.
Tuesday October 11th - Ran 4.13 miles, burned 412 calories.
Wednesday October 12th - Ran 4.87 miles, burned 514 calories.
Friday October 14th - Ran 5.07 miles, burned 505 calories.
Im not keeping off any weight. Maybe Ill take measurements tomorrow.

I dont have much more to update on. We went to the library yesterday for new books and I got the first year of SVU on DVD, thats about as exciting as it gets.

I did get a video of Harper laughing this morning though, and I cant stop smiling every single time I watch it. I love when hes happy. It makes me excited to see him grow and watch his personality come out. Spencer and I have been having communication issues. At least I think thats what you would call it. Its mostly me, I have a habit of taking every thing the wrong way. I have this really cool talent of taking anything someone says to me and twisting it into something against me.

So, anyway. I told him that I wouldnt be on the computer after the kids went to bed anymore so we could spend that time together. (Unless he goes to sleep at the same time they do.) He suggested putting Harper in day-care a few days a week since the kid drives me freakin nuts sometimes but I suggested using the money we'd spend on that for us to go out alone every 2 weeks or so. I feel really disconnected lately. I feel alone with myself but I know that its my doing and he would listen if I ever wanted to talk. Blah. I could say more but honestly I dont even feel like it.

"Sweetest Day" is tomorrow and were going out for dinner. Alikah's going by nonna. I was under the impression that Spencer's mom was watching Harper but I guess shes not. If I would have known that I wouldnt have let them have Alikah, but too late. We're just going to go with him to our favorite little chinese restaurant I think.

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