Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I really need to start keeping notes about our days.
I forget so fast.
I've been out of it the last two days now.

Today the weather was iffy but we went to my parents.
Heather was just getting home from her last day of high school (!!!) when we pulled up so we got to see her for awhile.
It was hot but not sunny so we didnt end up swimming like I had planned.
But Alikah loves watering the plants so she got soaked playing with the hose and filling up her tiny watering can.
I got Alikah's old carseat down from the garage and we hosed that off to get it all ready for Harper to use!
Hopefully we will be moving the rest of the baby stuff and some couches from my parents to our apartment this weekend.

A storm is dying down right now.
Alikah sat outside with Spencer and watched it. She liked it!
I hope it stays that way. I am so scared of storms haha...
I would be no help to her if she was too.

The last 2 naptimes Ive dreamt that I was grocery shopping. For cake. Cheesecake. Ice cream cake. Candy. Seriously, how much more fat and pregnant can you get? Repetitive dreams about cake. Im awesome.
Anyways, Spencer got me one.
I just had some. It was gooood.
I love him.

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