Thursday, June 9, 2011

35 Weeks

"Good news! There's an excellent chance that your baby will have no complications if born at 35 weeks or later!"

How far along?: 35 weeks
Current Weight: 139.5
Total weight gain: 15.5
How Big Is Baby?: "In week 35 the average baby weighs around 5 to 6 pounds and measures about 16 to 19 inches in length."
Sleep: I had a dream last night that Harper was born. But I couldnt remember it at all. It was really weird, I hated it.
Movement: It feels like hes trying to get out. He is strong and active.
Symptoms: My crotch bone hurts. Hes definitely putting a lot of pressure on it. Heartburn, Ive been taking Tums every night before bed.
Food cravings: Chocolate
What I am looking forward to: Doctors appointment next week. Stripping membanes.
Milestones: "35/35" 35 weeks done, 35 days to go. (Or 14...or less...)
"Lungs. The lungs will most likely be fully developed by Week 35."

Its hard to bend over, squat and lean over (like to take off Alikah's shoes), and rolling over at night is annoying.
The belly along with the heat has been making my asthma act up.
I feel very pregnant today.

Spencer has a "feeling" about next week.

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