Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Killer Ant

So. I was just about to get in the shower and Alikah started screaming.
I grabbed a towel and ran out to her.
She was flipping out.
So I calmed her down then got in the shower.
She screamed.
and screamed.
and screamed.
I was trying to just hurry and finish but seriously,
she was screaming like she was DYING and I didnt know it any neighbors were home.
So I walked out with conditoner in my hair, naked.
She was on her couch, boogers and tears everywhere, SHAKING and
she wouldnt move.
She said she couldnt walk. (So dramatic)
Like I said, I was naked and the blinds are wide open so I was like Alikah I CANT come get you just get up and come here!
She did.
Then she came in the bathroom with me
and cried and cried while I finished showering.

I got out and picked up the towel off the floor
and a huge ant was under it.
I laughed. What are the chances. Seriously!!
I couldnt be the same ant unless it was on Alikah when she came with me.
I told her it was a daddy ant.
But anyways...we flushed it down the toilet.
She kept asking where it went and I said home to his family.

Thankfully she calmed down. I was worried she wouldnt forget by naptime but I just put her down and she seems fine.

An ant.

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