Friday, May 20, 2011

32 weeks & Alikah's 2 Year

How far along?: 32 weeks
Current Weight: 137.5
Total weight gain: 13.5 pounds
How Big Is Baby?: "Your baby weighs about 4 pounds and is about fifteen to seventeen inches tall."
Sleep: I took 200mg of sleep aide for 2 days when I was really sick, last night I went back to 150mg. All things considered, Ive slept pretty well.
Movement: His legs have always been to my right side, but last night he flipped them over to the left for the first time!
Food cravings: Trail mix
Best moment this week: Doctors appointment yesterday. At my 28 week appointment I measured 24 weeks, yesterday I measured 31 weeks. So I grew "7 weeks" in 4 weeks...I guess I popped? :)

My doctor couldnt find a heart rate so she brought in an ultrasound machine just to make sure. I wasnt worried because while she was looking for it he was moving around, so I knew he was okay. We found it right away on the ultrasound (147), and I got to see him for a little bit :)

I go back in 2 weeks, then 2 weeks then every week. I am getting SO excited. I could be holding him in a month. Like I said before my Dr. will start stripping my membranes at 36 weeks and some other stuff to have him out *hopefully* at 38 weeks. Spencer has a feeling hell be here early no matter what.

Alikah had her 2 year old check up. She loved getting weighed and measured and she sat perfectly still while they listened to her heart and checked her ears. The nurses and my Doctor were saying they never have 2 year olds do everything so calmly. She weighs a little over 25 pounds which is 50%/average, and shes still TALL! She has to get that from her aunties. She got really worried when they brought in the ultrasound machine for Harper and needed to come by me right away to see that they werent hurting me.

Its really nice out today! Alikah went on a walk around the neighborhood this morning. Were going to hang out at my parents house when Spencer gets home from work. We started pulling tiny weeds from the sandbox the other week and it was kind of addicting. Spencer just mentioned it on the phone and now Im excited to pull some more tonight. Hahaha....sad.

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