Friday, May 20, 2011

Junebugs, sunshine & puddles

So, the other week a june bug scared the shit out of Alikah. For some reason, on Friday, she was a wreck over it. I think maybe she dreamed about it? We went outside and she wouldnt let me let go of her hand. She sat on my lap when I sat down, she would JUMP when anything flew past her, she was screaming at ants, and eventually she just wanted to go back inside. She seriously loves being outside, so it was pretty dramatic.

Friday night we went to my parents which is where the june-bug incident occurred. Spencer and I had the exact same thought about it: (on gmail chat)

Me: well see how she does at THE sandbox tonight
Spencer: i hope she lets us go to the sandbox tonight
Me: i really hope she forgets about it

She was fine. She hasnt forgotten about it and is still saying shes scared of bugs but for the most part shes back to normal.

Oh, and while I was carrying Alikah to the car to leave Spencer says, "Go this way!"
Too late, I walked into a huge group of june bugs. I screamed. And jumped. While holding Alikah. That probably didnt help much hahaha.Sunday it was HOT out. I looked up parks and we went to check out a new one. We loved it! It had a playground, sand, basketball and baseball courts, picnic areas, a small hiking trail and lots of space to run around. We'll definitely be back. It stormed last night, so this morning me and Alikah walked around outside finding puddles. We came inside for a bath after she fell in the biggest, muddiest one. I didnt have my camera on me unfortunately.

We are planning on getting a new camera very soon. I hate the one we have. Its old and barely working. Im surprised it even works at all. I throw it and slam it down so much that for awhile whenever Alikah grabbed it she would hit it on the floor and say, "god dammit!" Ha. Oops.
notice Spencer's sunburn from the park..ahh

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