Friday, April 8, 2011

down for the count

I called my doctors office first thing this morning and they told me to come in at 11:30. I cried to Spencer on the phone and almost backed out because I wouldnt be seeing *MY* doctor and I was really really nervous.
But I went.
And it was fine. The nurse and the doctor were both great.
Im starting my meds again, but at 20mg. (I was on 40mg before.)
She also listened for Harper's heartbeat and couldnt find him with the first machine.
So she got a 2nd one and found it right away. Thank God.
It was 143. Or 141. I dont remember, I was just so glad that I heard it.

When I got home I got out my old meds and set them on the counter.
Alikah took the bottle and ran off with it.
Once I got it back I had forgotten that my plan was to cut one in half so that it would be 20mg. (Spencer was picking up my new one after work.)

I forgot and took the whole 40.
About an hour later I put Alikah down for a nap, sat on the couch all ready to spend the next 2 hours reading.
I was walking to my bed like 2 seconds later.

I was SO OUT OF IT. I felt like I was in bed for 2 minutes before Alikah came and got me up. Then I moved out onto the couch until Spencer got home.

I will be taking it an hour before bed-time from now on.

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