Tuesday, December 31, 2013

kids update 2013 NYE

Sassy, Bossy, Motherly, likes to put me in my place if she thinks Im being "too mean" to the boys, fights with Harper so much but would never let anyone touch or hurt him or Boden. She helps with them so much.
Shes way advanced in school, loves coloring, spelling, Barbies, Ellie, ABCMouse, DisneyJR Online, always wants to write and send letters to people, loves all Hoildays and our new hotel weekends, playing outside, Doc McStuffins, Curious George and Julius Jr.

Dinosaur. The end.
Just kidding. Like I always say he is the sweetest funniest dinosaur ever. He now yells NO when we tell him "time out!" and when we ask him if hes being naughty on purpose he will grin and say, "Yeah." He climbs on everything. He makes messes. He LOOKS for trouble to get into. But then he cuddles. He cuddles and laughs and asks for huggies and kissies and gets sad if he doesnt get to give them to Bodhi before a nap. Hes very protective over Alikah and Bodhi. He has no indoor voice. Him and Bodhi share a room now and he wakes up Bodhi every morning and gives him a toy or book and climbs into the crib with him (which makes me soooo mad because he wakes him up but its also adorable even though Id never admit that at 7AM.) A few months ago he only spoke dinosaur but now I can pretty much understand everything he says and its amazing to watch him learn and grow in that way. He love Chuggington, Thomas, and Mickey Mouse.

Is an angel. Walks everywhere, runs. His new facial expressions make me smile or crack up. He still loves to eat. Hes extremely sensitive, he cries if anyone yells. Hes a little dramatic...when hes upset hell slowly lower himself to the floor on his stomach and pout/whine. Hes a clinger and loves his mama, dada and siblings. Hes not a little baby anymore :( Weve gotten rid of most of our baby toys. He absolutely hates his carseat. He never screams as loud as he does when we are in the car. He laughs when I change his diaper where as both other kids hatttted it. Hes impatient in the morning when we need to change him, get a drink and food. He wants all 3 DONE. NOW. His favorites toys are balls and cars. He loves throwing balls. And music, dancing and playing kitchen.
He likes the Chugginton theme song.......and the SVU one (oops)

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