Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas 2013

Presents for all of us:
A family hotel weekend!! Isnt this the most adorable thing ever? My sister got this for us because she knew we started the tradition.
Double jogging stroller
Really comfy clothes
A huge tent.

Spencers gifts from me:
I framed his Pabst posters...

 And okay he ALWAYS puts his freaking clothes on this chair or the kitchen table. So I got him an ottoman? that opens so he can throw his shit in there so I dont have to see it haha. 

The kids favorites:
A parachute...
that came with balls for Bodhi, who also got an Elephant toy that pops up more balls
An adorable "desk" with a chair and toys for Boden
Mickey Mouse jammies that Harper had to put on right away
A Doc McStuffins game for Alikahs leap pad
A Thomas track that took me freaking forever to set up but it is pretty awesome

SOOOO we should be back in town for more Christmas on the 29th.
Amanda is getting married to her cutie boyfriend on New Years.
Then our hotel stay starts January 5th :)
The only downside well have is more freaking doctor visits but ya no what, shit happens. Im in a great mood and plan to stay that way :)

Happy Holidays everyone!

*UPDATE: Spencer read this and told me I made 2 spelling errors. I guess I have an editor now ;)

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