Saturday, December 14, 2013

and like the sea, I’m constantly changing from calm to hell

Playing with packaging



Harper looks like he got busted stealing Bodhi's toast

Nothing has really changed from a day-to-day basis...I just need to get an update on the kids in here soon. (They are all doing great, in case you just cant wait to hear ;) 
***OH, I guess one thing I should add NOW is that Bodhi is walking :) 

Ive been really sick. I was in the hospital. They arent sure whats wrong. Ive had problems with my heart and stomach, but what Ive been dealing with hasnt felt like what Im used to. They cant figure out what organ is "causing me problems" without doing more tests so if it doesnt go away or gets worse I have to go back for body scans. Im supposed to follow up with my regular doctor for checkups and blood tests too. 

Thankfully this last week I have felt a lot better. Ive been able to get up and get everything I wanted to get done at the house done...
Next I want to work on getting rid of a lot of our "junk." I cleaned Alikahs room the other day and threw away a whole garbage bag of...junk. I want to get through all the rooms and closets before Christmas. Im just sick of it. Im frustrated on a daily basis. Makes me grouchy >:|

We also lost another person in our lives. Spencer and my sister were friends with Shawn's brother for years. I went to school with him and had so much fun at his graduation party. 
He was a fighter from the beginning and received a miracle heart transplant, but he got sick again.
Shawn had such a huge impact on so many peoples lives and it is a huge loss. Over 1,000 people attended his funeral. 
He never gave up, and I wear this bracelet everyday to remind myself not too either. 
RIP Shawn. 

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