Monday, November 18, 2013


I really need to get back on track with updating this thing. My husbands been giving me shit because he checks it and tells me I am way behind.
I feel like Ive gotten on a new, good schedule since the school year started and Its hard for me to find time to actually write a decent update and edit pictures. Honestly I havent been taking as many pictures as I used to either, which does suck. I used to update Facebook with atleast 1 picture a day but I feel like I barely do anymore. Bullet points?

-We came in dead last at the stroller race haha. We walked the whole way and surprising Bodhi was the most troublesome. After the first mile he was done with the whole thing and we took turns carrying him the rest of the way. But we did win $25 for our costumes :)
101 Dalmatians. My mom was Cruella. 

-The hotel we started at for Hotel weekend was awesome! Unfortunately we didnt get there until after 9 PM. The boys went to bed right when we got there and I took Alikah swimming. Check out was noon the next day but we are definitely going back, maybe even for the next hotel weekend. (None this month, probably none next month. Holidays..too busy)

-Harper did horrible trick or treating. He wanted to eat every piece of candy the second he got it. So there was a lot of screaming. Alikah had fun though :)

Vegas was....Vegas. It was really fun and crazy and non-stop. I did not sleep. I couldnt. I was so exhausted when we got back and my first night home I was up all night. But, the first few nights after the first one I was just crashed. Im still sleeping better then I usually do, actually.
We saw Shania Twain and the Chippendales. The coolest places we went were Carnival Court and the rooftop at Rio. We had an amazing view of the strip and the fountains at Bellagio from our room. (We stayed at Ceasars Palace) I found out at Victorias Secret that I am not a 38C like Ive thought for years, Im a 34DD. I lost my little purse with some money and my ID so at the end I had to have them buy drinks for me. And actually my mom got a post card in the mail today saying THEY FOUND IT! In a cab. So I have to call tomorrow to work on getting that back :) I also sprained my ankle. But shit happens in Vegas. 
But obviously the best part of our trip was our amazing costumes...

 So, in more recent news..
Alikahs school pictures turned out so cute!
Bodhi stands up by himself all the time now. We think hell be walking by Christmas. My little baby!! :(
Harper is talking so much more lately. I can finally understand almost everything he says. He still has his own little language sometimes but hes doing great.
We got pictures taken over the weekend. Check out these sweet faces...
My psychiatrist today told me she wants me to try and drive to my next appointment or the one after. So, well see how that goes. Blah. Speaking of driving Im driving to my parents with the kids this Thursday...
My older sister Gina moved home from the Philippines right before the huge storm hit. I was so thankful that she was back here but she set up a fundraiser at the restaurant/bar my other sister works at to raise money to help out :)

Happy Spencer?? You already know all this anyway! Love you. 

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