Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Tomorrow: Go to my parents house, see GINA! who got home from the Philippines today, shopping for Vegas.
Friday: Parents house.
Saturday: Stroller Run at 4:30, checking into our hotel. Check in is at 3 so if we have time well go drop all our stuff off before the race and then go back otherwise well check in after.
Sunday: Check out of the hotel at noon, Trick or Treat at our house from 2-4
Monday: Psychologist. Alikah has off school.
Leaving for Vegas on Wednesday, coming home the 2nd!

For the rest of tonight my goals are to clean mine and Spencers room, pack for the weekend and get the dishes done.
Alikah had her school pictures taken today.

 Last night. She was being daddy.

This little dude is so sick :/ He had a hugeeee meltdown when we went to pick up Alikah from school yesterday. We have to go inside to pick her up...a helper or her teacher brings them out in a line and they have to point out their parents before they can leave. I COULD NOT get Harper inside yesterday. He was screaming and crying and would not move. Thankfully another mom told them that I was outside and that he was freaking out so they let her just come out to me.
Lyndsie came over today and asked if I wanted her to pick up Alikah so we didnt have another meltdown so that was really nice.


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  1. Such a beautiful photos! I'm totally impressed! : )