Monday, October 21, 2013

school, vegas and hotel weekends

Hi guys. I have some time so I figured Id do a little update on life lately.
Alikah still loves school. I feel like its too easy for her, but so far Id say the two most important things shes learning is how to write and spell and healthy habits. Every time she eats now she goes, "Is this healthy for me?" Its cute.
She also has a "boyfriend" named Vincent. She says she has 2 boyfriends though, little player.

Harper is a total 2 year old. Whining and tantrums like crazy. Time-outs work really really well for him though. He goes in the bathroom for them and I tell him to come out when hes done (freaking out) and hell so scream for like 5 seconds then say, "Mama! Im done!" and come out.
He just started napping in his big boy bed!! He used to only sleep in it at night because hed constantly get up for naps but the last few days hes stayed and napped in it. Which means were one step closer to moving Bodhi from the pack n play to the real crib!

This week were going to my parents on Thursday because Im going shopping with my mom and sisters to get stuff for Vegas! Were going to Vegas at the end of the month for my sister Heather's 21st birthday (Her birthday is on Halloween) Were dressing up as the Spice Girls :) 
Spencer will have the kids and hes going to take them trick or treating by his parents house then probably stay there while Im gone. 

Hmmm...Oh yeah I see my new doctors 3 or more times a month.  I really really like them both. 

Oh yeah! Something new we are starting....we got a new front door put on last month and he widened the doorway too so he cut off part of our wall and was pounding, drilling, making a HUGE mess, etc. and the kids couldnt even nap and it was so loud and annoying so we went and stayed at a hotel. We ended up staying for 3 nights and decided to make it a monthly thing!
We are going to have "hotel weekends!"
Just find cheapish hotels that are pretty close to us and stay for the weekend. (The only requirement is a pool of course) Its a great way for all of us to spend time together, relax and have fun. The kids love it and its like a reward for Spencer and I. We never spend money when we dont have to but now this will be our little treat. 
Hotel weekend this month is this weekend :) 

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