Thursday, September 12, 2013

quick updater

One day until Bodhi is 11 months so I figured Id update about everyone else too, since I havent for awhile.

Alikah LOVES school. She only goes to half-day 4K. She was in preschool longer than shes in 4K haha but she does love going. She cant take the bus home for whatever reason so I have to pick her up everyday. I drive! Its like a 1 minute drive but still. Harper hated going so I bring him over to Lyndsies then meet them when we get back and we all walk to get Taitum from the bus stop.

Everyone got new routines with school. The first couple days were all messed up but now the boys have new naptimes and it works out alright.

Harper is talking a lot more and loves trains. Hes changing a little, he used to always be insanely crazy and loud and now a lot of the time when theres people over hell kind of wander off by himself. Still loves cookin ;)

Bodhi crawls, sits, and absolutely loves his walker. He runs his little cute butt off. He doesnt eat any baby food anymore. He wouldnt let anyone feed him so we just started giving him our food and he loved it. He'll eat anything haha. Ill update more on him tomorrow...

I thought about writing about me for awhile and decided why not. Ive been seeing 2 new doctors and my psychiatrist is stopping all my antidepressants and putting me on one medicine just for OCD. Shell give me meds for my panic attacks if they come back too but right now she thinks my OCD is the root of  most of my anxiety problems and wants to get that figured out first. Im really interested and somewhat scared of how Ill be once they start working...

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