Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Alikah - 4K!

waiting haha..that face screams excited/nervous

(Thats our neighbors in the picture. The and Harper are basically twins, as you can see
Alikah started 4K today! She goes to PM for a few hours everyday. Today we all went to drop her off. We got there a little too early and by the time the teacher called them to come to the room the boys were loosing patience so Spencer took them outside to wait while I took her in. She found her locker, cubby and spot at the table and got to put on her sticker (name tag) and color a picture. 

She woke me up this morning and said, "Mom. You have to take me to school!!" and I was like.... "Yeah, hunnie, in 4 hours..." She was used to getting up and going to preschool right away haha. 

She did awesome, was totally excited and had a blast. I sent her a little note and chocolate with her snack. She told me a classroom helper read it to her but she didnt remember what it said...I guess at this age that stuff is cooler to the parent ;) 

I walked with our new neighbors (I keep calling them that but theyve lived here for 2 months now and are all really close. Love them!!) to pick up the girls from school. The girls are taking the bus home together starting tomorrow which we decided today was GOOD because us against all the kids on that walk was hard. The elementary school is about as far on the other side of the town as you can get, which still isnt that far, but Harper kept wanting to walk and he is the pokiest walker, we had bees swarming the stroller because of all the juice Im guessing, everyone wanted to get out and in or on and off and it was hot and yeahhh. 

Overall it was a great first day experience. Alikah loved it, but I knew she would. Shes going to do amazing :) I love you so much Alikah Lee! I am so proud of you!

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