Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bodhi - ten months

Two months until One Year!?
I still dont feel like writing much so this will be quick & to the point :)

Eats: He still eats baby food twice a day but he doesnt like that he cant do it himself. He likes to eat "our" foods now. Cereal, any kind of cracker, french fries, bread, fruit. He likes sippy cups and juice.

Movement: He can crawl on carpet and outside, but on our wood floors he still just slides himself around. He can pull himself up on whatever he can reach to his knees and to standing. He likes to climb over things, and to walk with you holding his hands. He just started to sit more. He is scared of falling to he whines if you let go of one of his hands or when he thinks hes going to tip over from sitting.

He likes chewing on remotes, exploring, being held and tickled, the cord on the blinds, laughing, playing, going for walks, songs, eating...

He copies if you making spitting noises or do scrunch face. He can mumble mama, daddy, and he says "t - t- t" if you say "Eat?!"
Still the happiest baby ever, taking everything in trying to learn new things. I think he thinks a lot. Hes the sweetest little-big guy. Im really looking forward to watching his personality come out more and more.

And since Im so far behind....

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