Friday, June 14, 2013

Bodhi - eight months + Alikah and Harper updates

Weight: Will get later
Size 9+ month clothes
Size 5 diapers

-Still only 2 bottom teeth but I think hes teething right now.
-Doesnt use a nunu anymore.
-Only talks in smiles and laughs ;)
Eats: 8 or more ounces a few times a day. Baby food twice a day. He likes baby cheetos now! So Im going to start giving him other finger foods to try :)

Sleep: Still in the playroom. Goes to bed between 7-8 PM. He has been waking up at 3 AM to eat and I know for sleep training Im not supposed to go in by him but I cant help it!!
He wakes up between 6:30-8 AM and usually takes a nap about an hour after he wakes up.

Hes so happy that he can get wherever he wants now. He scoots everywhere.
Likes: Playing, tickles, bathtime, his family, aden + anais blankets, going for walks, his favorite toys are his teething rings, foam bath toys to chomp on, a crinkly book, and wooden blocks. When we sing the ABC's funny.....a-b-c-d-e-f-G!-h-i-j-k-l-m-n-o-P!-q-r-s-t-u-V!-w-x-y-Z! We do the capitals in a louder deep voice and he cracks up every time. Harper loved this too.

Dislikes: Getting dressed! He just wants to roll and move away.

He loves to observe everything. Hes still a cuddler and still a mamas boy. Hes such a happy, life-loving and calm baby. He makes everyone else happier and calmer too, we are really learning a lot from this little boy <3 His name couldnt fit him more perfectly. 

Harper goes from being the loudest, fake crying, whiniest dinosaur in the world to the sweetest and funniest kid ever every other 5 minutes.
Hes still obsessed with cooking and food. 

He always puts his toy cups under our Keurig which I think its adorable. 
Hes naps in his crib but sleeps at night in his big boy bed. 
Hes showing a lot of interest in potty training so were going to start that soon.
Absolutely loves being outside. 
Absolutely loves his daddy.
Hes awesome with Bodhi and him and Alikah are best buddies.
We started time-outs - he would go in the bathroom - until he started playing in the toilet every time he was in there. Now he sits on a chair. Hes actually super awesome with it. When we say, "Time out!" He pouts away and goes himself. Sometimes even if we tell him, "No!" Hell go put himself in time out haha. 

Says: Hi, Bye, Daddy, Mommy, Gahgah (What he calls Alikah), Baby, Bodhi, Food, Eat, Spoon, Cookin, Love you, "Peez" and "Ank Ooo", can sing the Spongebob song and other theme songs, sings the ABCs all the time to himself, Poop, Pee....and a lot more. He talks all the time and gets really frustrated when we cant understand what hes saying but hes trying so hard! 
Oh god the other week when we were trying to get him to nap in his big boy bed he was so mad and he pooped and it got all out of his diaper and everywhere. It was the first time Ive had that happen with a kid. It was gross.
Then last week I was cleaning upstairs and he was messing around in my room and I heard him shaking something so I ran in. He had my sleeping pills. Opened. He just put his arms out and dropped his mouth and said "Ucky?" so I freaked out thinking he took one and Spencer took him to the ER. He was fine. Im pretty sure now he just said "Ucky?" because when hes grabbed them before I yelled, "NO! Ucky!" But oh my god was I having a heart attack. 

•Alikah and Ellie (the cat) are obsessed with each other. Ellie never leaves Alikahs room. The only time she does is if Alikah is downstairs watching TV or something and Ellie misses her and wants to find her. Then she just sits right next to her. They sleep together..
•She is doing amazing in school and her teachers say shes beyond ready for Kindergarten. She loves learning. We have "Getting Ready for Kindergarten" workbooks and she really enjoys doing them.
•Loves coloring, drawing and writing. Knows all her ABCs and always asks how to spell/write things. She is so good at coloring I really believe she is going to be one amazing artist.
•She has a pretty sassy attitude lately which lead to the new behavior chart I posted previously. Its helping a little. She still hasnt turned in any of her tickets either...
•She likes telling stories and imaginary play. She could entertain herself for at least an hour.
•She helps out a lot with Bodhi and Harper. 
Extremely outgoing and happy. She says hi and talks to everyone we see pretty much. 
•Really picky eater still. 
•Alikahs in a weird phase right now. Sometimes she really wants to be left alone and other times she will not.stop.talking and you never know which one itll be. 

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