Thursday, June 27, 2013

Harper's 2nd Birthday

Since I just updated on him in the last entry Im mostly going to post pictures from his party :)

Size 2T-3T clothes and size 6 diapers.
Favorite Foods - Cheetos, hot dogs, corn, peas, potatoes, poptarts, graham crackers (he calls them cookies), crackers, fruit name a few. He really just loves eating.
Favorite Book - Goodnight Moon
Favorite TV Shows - "Bob-Bob", Thomas, Sprout, Umizoomi
Favorite Toys - Kitchen, blocks, books, computers, any riding toy, his bunny
Talking - He can copy almost anything we say now.
Sleeping  - Usually naps once a day in his crib, but sleeps in his big boy bed at night.

Happy Birthday little sweet Dinosaur. You are truly one of a kind and have such a strong personality. You do whatever you want (you get that from both of your parents)/are in your own little world a lot of the time. You are absolutely hilarious and so loving and caring. You are my sonshine and I love you so absolutely much. Thank you for being you <3

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