Tuesday, June 11, 2013

comfortably numb

First night in his big boy bed. Cuddled and covered his bunny <3 And filled his bed with books haha


Alikahs new chart thing...I took ideas from like 5 different websites to make one I thought would work for us. We both love it! Theres a clip on the red that "moves down." 

These are her "tickets" (paper cut up with smiley face stickers ha)
She can trade them at the end of each day for a penny or save them to get bigger rewards. So far she hasnt traded any...I think she wants a big reward ;)

Bodhi: Mom. What is he doing. 


Harper made a dirt pool. He would...

hanging out at the rummage

Alikah was putting coffee filters on everyones heads and saying they were now Queens

couldnt sleep for shit so I woke up my baby at 5am. He just attacked my face


helping daddy

So were having a rummage... It was going to be over the weekend but we have nothing else to do and its been nice out so well keep it going as long as we can. Weve just been sitting outside all day playing, talking, having bonfires and dranking some beer.

I tried to not take my klonopin yesterday just because. I dont know...Im supposed to take it twice a day but I want to only take it when I need it. By noon I was having a panic attack. It actually really upsets me that its gotten this bad that I need to take it everyday. It is what it is I guess....

Ill have to do an update on the kids soon, too. Ive been trying not to use the computer/internet as much as possible but I really love updating this blog...for memories and security. If my computer dies, I still have everything here....

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