Friday, May 3, 2013


Everyone got a nap change this week.
Alikah - No more nap!
Harper - Usually only 1 nap.
Bodhi - Naps upstairs in his crib, not on me.
Alikah and Harper used to nap at the same time and that was my alone time.
Now that shes not napping she goes to bed a little earlier so I have extra alone time at night instead.
Yesterday while the boys were sleeping we watched Ice Age and today we played some games, so its kinda like "our" time now :)
Ive always held Bodhi while he napped. Lately when hes tired he would start kicking and twisting all over, like he was not comfortable at all with me holding him in the chair. So the last few days hes been taking his naps in his crib.....which gives me a lot more time to actually get stuff done haha. Hes getting so big! :(
Im doing a photo-a-day challenge. Im planning on posting all of them here at the end of each week.

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