Saturday, April 27, 2013



this is one of my favorite pictures of us now. thanks Heather :) 

Life as usual...its been busy. I was extremely sick for 2 days this past week. I couldnt move from laying down on the couch without puking or feeling like I was going to pass out. It was awful. 

Im so glad its getting warmer again so we can start going on our walks to the parks, library, to get lunch...

Anyways this is basically a filler post. We are spending the night at my parents while Spencer works overnight with my mom. I wanted to get some new family photos today but it didnt go to well (none of the kids napped on the drive up and they were all so tired and crabby all day!!) But looking at the ones we did take, I definitely want to wait anyways because I want prettiness behind us not ugly, dead brown! I still got some great ones of Alikah and my sister Heather got the ones of Spencer and I. 

Later in the evening my dad was at the neighbors drinking and they decided to burn down the dead "christmas trees" at the bottom of our driveway.
A neighbor drove past and was like, "Hey those have came back!" and my dad was like, "Not anymore!"
The plan back fired a little bit when we all forgot its surrounded by WOOD CHIPS and all the woodchips started on fire too and wouldnt stop burning....

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