Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday

Alikah Lee: is caring, hilarious, bossy, beautiful, a genius with a memory that still blows us away, an amazing big sister and an even more amazing daughter. (<exactly the same as last year + SASSY and not very patient lately)

Food/Drink: Noodles. Waffles. Fruit. Plain hamburgers. Eggs. Orange Juice. Water. Chips. Cookies/candy/cake/donuts. 
Pets: Fishie
Sleep: Wakes up around 8:30/9
Naptime, 3-4
Bedtime 9:30/10. Shes in her room awake until 11+
TV: Spongebob, Dora, Doc McStuffins
Music: Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift (unfortunately), dance music. 
-No more nunus, no more kiekie, no more pullups!
-Goes to preschool 2 days a week and LOVES it. 

-Loves both of her brothers so much and is so good at helping with them. 
Likes: her family, waterparks, school, drawing, coloring, writing, treats, Barbies (they are actually Bratz), learning, showers, friends...

Doesnt Like: Her hair being brushed, bugs, Harper when hes being a dinosaur, bedtime usually,...
Birthday banner and some cards

My littlest baby is already 4. Shes such an amazing tiny person that she makes me laugh every day and incredibly proud. We are definitely *those* parents who would let our kids live with us..forever...and I kind of hope they all do. I cant imagine how my life would be without her. Happy Birthday love!

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